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VIa lanches combo train + auto

09/17/2010 AT 07:06

Starting today, in fact, it will be possible for anyone to register with Communauto to reserve a vehicle and a train ticket in a single online operation. At the end of a comfortable train ride, passengers can take possession of their vehicle right at the station or at any other Communauto point of service, and return it to the same location at the end of their stay. For a limited time, the price agreed by VIA and Communauto is highly attractive, making it possible to enjoy a Montréal-Québec City return trip, including the car, for only $99. The distance traveled by car will be billed additionally at the rate of 12 cents per kilometre. This offer includes the train trip and 24 hours of car rental. Gas and insurance are also included. For only $25 per day, it will be possible to extend the car rental up to a maximum of 72 hours.

"This program represents another step in our collaboration with Communauto. Since May, car sharing subscribers have enjoyed a 10% train ticket discount off the lowest fare when traveling in Canada. Also, VIA's Préférence members who subscribe to Communauto's Le Lièvre package, enjoy discounts of up to 20% on hourly rates when using Communauto vehicles. With today's offer, we are offering extra convenience at an extra low price", declared Marc Laliberté, VIA's President and CEO.

Communauto cars are located nearby the stations involved in this offer: in Montréal, at the Saint-Lambert and Central stations, and in Québec City, at the Sainte-Foy and Gare du Palais stations. Communauto and VIA anticipate being able to extend this agreement to other stations in Canada in the future, in cities where car sharing and the train are available.

Communauto CEO, Benoît Robert, affirmed that the program announced today represents an important step in strengthening Communauto's mission of encouraging sustainable transportation. "Thanks to this agreement between VIA Rail and Communauto, for the first time in North America, the self-service automobile and the train unite to offer passengers a competitive alternative to the private car. The intermodal offering we are introducing combines the best of both worlds at a very competitive price: the safety and comfort of train travel with the flexibility of the car for short trips".

"The important thing for us, is not only that we are offering substantial discounts on our regular fare, but especially that we are providing an ecological and safe alternative to the automobile for trips of a few hours. As we say at VIA, welcome aboard! », concluded Marc Laliberté.

Train 692 to hold in Thompson for track working

VIA Rail Canada wishes to advise travellers that due to significant track improvement and upgrading work by the Hudson Bay Railway (HBR), the track owner, VIA's southbound train from Churchill to Winnipeg will be affected.

Visit Canada this summer at low cost

VIA Rail Canada announced today that for the second time in less than a year, during the entire week of April 19 to 25, it will be offering 60% off the regular fare for ticket reservations anywhere along its network, including all classes (Economy, Business, Sleeping cars).

Faster trips between Quebec City and Montreal

VIA Rail Canada is proud to introduce today significant service improvements to its Quebec City–Montreal route.

Metrolinx acquires Toronto-Barrie corridor

Metrolinx today purchased from CN the lower portion of the Newmarket Subdivision in central-north Toronto for C$68 million. The transaction gives Metrolinx end-to-end ownership of the 60-mile-long Barrie-Bradford GO Train corridor between downtown Toronto and Barrie, Ont.

Appointment to VIA Rail Canada

Canada's Transport Minister announced the appointment of Mr. Marc Laliberté, of Boucherville, Québec, as president and chief executive officer (CEO) of VIA Rail Canada Inc. for a term of four years, effective January 4, 2010.

Schedule changes to VIA's Manitoba services

VIA Rail Canada wishes to advise travellers that effective Sunday, December 13, 2009, a new schedule will be in effect for service to Northern Manitoba.

VIA Rail to boost transcontinental trains

VIA Rail Canada announced a $19.5 million program for the reconfiguration of 12 of the stylish stainless steel passenger cars used on its western transcontinental train.

Additional Parking Spaces at Port Hope Station

VIA Rail Canada is pleased to announce that it will be increasing parking capacity at Port Hope station.

VIA Rail expand renewal of passenger train cars

The Government of Canada and VIA Rail announced a $20 million program to renew and improve two key components of its nationwide locomotive and rolling stock fleet.

Via : New station for Cobourg

VIA estimates that it will invest as much as $7 million for the new station and related improvements from recent capital funding for VIA announced by the Government of Canada. $1 million of the project's cost will come from the government's Economic Action Plan.

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