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First Prima II locomotive to the ONCF in Morocco

10/12/2009 AT 07:10

After leaving Alstom's engineering and production centre in Belfort, France, this new generation locomotive will undergo a series of endurance tests on the Moroccan rail network before entering into commercial service. The remaining 19 locomotives, will be delivered between October 2009 and March 2010.

The locomotives ordered by ONCF are part of the Prima II range, a new generation of locomotives developed by Alstom that has strongly benefited of the experience of the previous versions sold in France and worldwide. Adapted to the operating conditions specified by ONCF and developed in a multipurpose version, this locomotive is suitable for both passenger and freight, and will be used on a 3 kV network. These locomotives have a very high traction power (5.5 MW on 3 kV). They will begin commercial operation in 2010 throughout the Moroccan network at a speed of 120 km/h for freight operations and 160 km/h for passenger transport.

Present in Morocco for over 40 years, Alstom is helping to make the rail network a viable mode of transport for freight and passengers in the future and a key component of the country's growth and development. Twenty-seven electric locomotives have been delivered to the ONCF since 1992. Alstom has also helped improve the Moroccan rail network by doubling the tracks on the Fès-Meknes line, in service since June 2007, and by modernising the signalling of 900 km of lines and 60 stations, including Casablanca station. Alstom also builds tramsets for the Rabat tramway and is involved in a project to build a very high-speed link between Tangiers and Kenitra, underlining its highly active role in supplying Morocco with innovative and environmentally-friendly transport solutions.

The Group is also one of the leading suppliers to the Moroccan National Electricity Office (ONE), following the construction of a thermal power plant at Jorf Lasfar (4 X 330 MW) and one of the most sophisticated hydraulic complexes anywhere in the world, at Afourer. More than half of the electricity consumed in Morocco is produced with equipment supplied by Alstom.

First modern tramway in Latin America for Brasília

The Brasília Government has signed a contract with the Bastram consortium for phase 1 of the tramway project. Alstom's share of this first phase is around €140 million.

48 cars for Brasilia's metro

Alstom Transport has won a contract worth around €110 million to supply 12 trainsets composed of four Metropolis cars each for the Brasilia metro network in Brazil The first deliveries are planned for 2010.

Alstom to Overhaul MK Caltrans California Car

Alstom has been selected by Caltrans to renovate all 66 bi-level intercity passenger vehicles from its California car fleet.

New signalling for the Ennouasser–Jorf Lasfar line

Alstom delivered to the Moroccan national railway operator (ONCF) the new signalling equipment for the Jorf Lasfar station, located southwest of Casablanca.

First electrified railway line for Algiers

On 3 May 2009, Algiers' first suburban electric line, energized by Alstom Transport and its local partners Infrarail and Baticim, was put into service by the Algerian rail transport company (SNTF) after one month of passengerless technical testing of the rolling stock.

The new train for Sao Paulo metro's line 2

On 28th March, the first of 16 new trains for the Sao Paulo (Brazil) Metro's line 2-green entered into commercial service.

First Citadis tramset for the Algiers tramway

On 18 March 2009, Mr Amar Tou, Algeria's Minister of Transport, and representatives from the local authorities and Algiers metro operator EMA witnessed the arrival of the first Citadis tramset for the new tram line in Algiers.

Buenos Aires welcomes its last Metropolis trainset

On 20 February, Alstom Transport delivered to Buenos Aires (Argentina) urban transport operator Metrovias the last of 96 Metropolis trainsets planned within the scope of a contract signed in 1999.

Alstom delivers the first train for Sao Paulo

This train is part of a project for the supply of 16 trains (96 cars). It was received by the Governor of Sao Paulo State, Mr. José Serra, the Mayor of São Paulo, Gilberto Kassab and the Secretary of Metropolitan Transports for Sao Paulo State, José Luiz Portella Pereira.

Tunis welcome their new tramway

In Tunis, Alstom has just completed the extension of the southern tramway line extension.

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