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First Citadis tramset for the Algiers tramway

03/30/2009 AT 07:23

The tramset, transported in three sections, left Alstom's production centre in La Rochelle (France) on 10 March and was taken by road to Marseilles.

On 16 March these were loaded on board the “Niolon” and shipped to Algiers, where they arrived on 18 March and were taken to the tramway depot in Bordj El Kiffan. The modules will be recoupled during April to form the complete tramset.

This event marks a new stage in the Algiers tramway project, which is currently being realized by the Mediterrail consortium, composed of Alstom, ETRHB and Todini. The arrival of the first tramset launches the delivery of the 41 Citadis tramsets ordered by EMA. 12 tramsets are currently being manufactured in La Rochelle workshops and 4 are awaiting authorization for despatch. Two to three tramsets will be delivered each month. This event also demonstrates the progress being made at the Bordj El Kiffan depot, which will receive the Citadis tramsets as and when they are delivered. With a total area of over 200,000 sq. m., the depot will contain a storage facility, maintenance workshops and a service station. It will also be the central headquarters for the line and will house a range of administrative and technical equipment (electricity sub-station etc).

This transport infrastructure project is part of a programme supporting the economic recovery plan launched by the Algerian authorities. Of crucial importance to the infrastructure of the capital as it refocuses on its eastern districts, the project is at the same time symbolic for the country, because - 50 years after its disappearance - the tramway is being reintroduced as a tool to develop and modernize the country's main metropolitan areas. Alstom's know-how and expertise have also led to its selection by EMA (as part of a consortium) to build the Oran and Constantine tramway systems.

Alstom Transport has operated for many years in Algeria, supporting and sustaining the development of local infrastructure. It has gradually increased its number of permanent employees in the country to the current figure of nearly 500 and has established cooperative relationships with its Algerian partners. The Algiers, Oran and Constantine tramway contracts signed with Algiers metro operator EMA and the infrastructure and electrification contracts for the Algiers suburban lines currently being delivered for ANESRIF-SNTF illustrate Alstom Transport's very active presence in Algeria, where it is providing innovative, eco-friendly rail transport solutions.

Buenos Aires welcomes its last Metropolis trainset

On 20 February, Alstom Transport delivered to Buenos Aires (Argentina) urban transport operator Metrovias the last of 96 Metropolis trainsets planned within the scope of a contract signed in 1999.

Alstom delivers the first train for Sao Paulo

This train is part of a project for the supply of 16 trains (96 cars). It was received by the Governor of Sao Paulo State, Mr. José Serra, the Mayor of São Paulo, Gilberto Kassab and the Secretary of Metropolitan Transports for Sao Paulo State, José Luiz Portella Pereira.

Tunis welcome their new tramway

In Tunis, Alstom has just completed the extension of the southern tramway line extension.

Alstom to supply an additional 242 metro to NYC

Alstom to supply an additioNew York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has awarded Alstom, in partnership with Kawasaki, an order worth a total of €560 million ( 784 million) for the manufacture of a further 382 R160 subway cars. nal 242 subway cars to NYC

Alstom ready to make San Francisco-Los Angeles

The Californians not only voted to elect their president, they also approved with 52 percent of the vote a $10 billion bond issue for a high-speed rail line spanning all along the Golden State.

Alstom wins a major contract in São Paulo

Alstom has been selected by the government of the State of São Paulo, to supply a fully automated system for lines 1, 2 and 3 of the São Paulo metro. The project is worth around €280 million and concerns the complete renovation of the existing train control system.

36 metro cars to the city of Santiago in Chile

Alstom has signed a contract worth about €47 million (US$71 million) with operator Metro de Santiago for the supply of 36 Metropolis cars for use on lines 4 and 4A of the metro system in Santiago, Chile. This is an option from a contract signed in 2002.

90 million euros for the Rabat tramway

Alstom has signed a contract worth 90 million euros with the Agence pour l'Aménagement de la Vallée du Bouregreg (Bouregreg Valley Development Agency - AAVB) for the supply of 22 trams, each consisting of two Citadis trainsets, for the future Rabat-Salé network.

Alstom wins contract for rail line in Tunis

The Tunisian national rail company, SNCFT, granted a contract to the consortium lead by Alstom for installation of electrical work and signalling on the Tunis-Borj Cedria rail line (southern suburbs of Tunis). The contract is worth a total of €54 million, of which €36 million will go to Alstom.

Argentina chooses Alstom to build a very HS line

The President of the Argentine Republic, Cristina Fernàndez Kirchner, officially announced on 16 January, 2008, that Alstom and its partners IECSA, Emepa, Isolux Corsan have been awarded the first very high speed link project in Latin America, between Buenos Aires, Rosario and Cordoba.

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