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Union Pacific's "Green" Fleet

04/23/2008 AT 05:24

Union Pacific has tested, and continues to evaluate, one other type of environmentally friendly low-horsepower rail yard locomotive called the "Green Goat." It uses state-of-the-art diesel-battery hybrid-technology designed to cut air emissions by 80 percent and reduce diesel fuel use by 16 percent compared to conventional diesel-powered locomotives used in switching service. The hybrid switcher is powered with large banks of batteries. When energy stored in the batteries is depleted to a pre-set level, a small, low-emission diesel engine automatically starts to power a generator that recharges the batteries.

Union Pacific is also testing two types of "after-market" technologies to determine if they reduce emissions in older locomotives. They are:
- An experimental "oxidation catalyst" filtering canister, or "Oxicat," which was installed inside the diesel engine's exhaust manifold on a high-horsepower long-haul locomotive in January 2007. This locomotive began a field test in the Los Angeles area, which will end sometime in 2008. This is the North American rail industry's first long-haul diesel electric locomotive modified with after-market experimental technology aimed at reducing exhaust emissions. The special catalytic material chemically reduces the amount of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate matter generated by the diesel engine, much like a catalytic converter on today's cars and trucks.
- A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which was attached to a low-horsepower yard locomotive that is operating in Union Pacific's Oakland rail yard. This field test, which began in December 2006, is also the North America rail industry's first experimental after-market exhaust system filter to determine if it will reduce diesel engine emissions in older locomotives used in rail yards.

Since 2004, Union Pacific has achieved a more than five percent improvement in fuel efficiency through the Fuel Masters program. This innovative program rewards locomotive engineers for efficiently operating trains. In 2007, Union Pacific saved more than 20 million gallons of diesel fuel. The company has more fuel savings improvement opportunities ahead as the Fuel Masters program and other initiatives are refined and expanded across the railroad.

Green Locomotive Being Tested in Chicago

Union Pacific Railroad unveiled the first of four of the latest version of ultra-low-emitting environmentally friendly diesel locomotives that will be used in a rail yard to push rail cars over an incline, or

Norfolk Southern Opens Rickenbacker Terminal

Norfolk Southern opened the Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal near Columbus, Ohio. The $68.5 million facility allows Norfolk Southern to significantly expand its intermodal business in central Ohio by providing customers with improved service and increased capacity.

CSX Applauds New EPA Tier 4 Emissions Regulations

CSX Transportation commended the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for new emissions regulations that will require railroads to reduce NOx and particulate matter emissions by approximately 90 percent compared to pre-regulation levels.

Siemens to deliver 55 light vehicles to Denver

The Mobility Division of Siemens' Industry Sector has strengthened its leading position on the U.S. market as supplier of light rail vehicles (LRVs) by winning another big order.

UP to Increase Train Speed Through San Antonio

Union Pacific Railroad will increase train speed 10 mph by Feb. 19 for certain freight trains on a nearly quarter-mile segment of railroad tracks in San Antonio, Tex.

Ground-breaking for DB Schenker hub in Dallas

Construction has now begun following a ground-breaking ceremony for the new DB Schenker logistics center at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

691 million investment for VIA Rail

Following the signing of a $100 million contract last December to upgrade its F 40 locomotive fleet, VIA Rail Canada has announced another major investment today. This morning, the Corporation issued a request for proposals to upgrade the LRC passenger cars used in the Québec City-Windsor corridor.

Union Pacific Increasing Speed Through Several

Union Pacific Railroad will increase the speed of its trains to 49 mph on the rail line between Herington and Peabody, Kan., which includes the communities of Lost Springs, Lincolnville and Marion, Kan.

Union Pacific to Increase Speed Through Orange

Union Pacific Railroad will increase speed for certain freight trains from 35 mph to 50 mph and 60 mph for passenger trains on a 1.3 mile segment across multiple grade crossings in Orange, Tex. including W. Park Ave., Burton, Ave., Link Ave. and Cordrey Ave.

Alstom wins contract for rail line in Tunis

The Tunisian national rail company, SNCFT, granted a contract to the consortium lead by Alstom for installation of electrical work and signalling on the Tunis-Borj Cedria rail line (southern suburbs of Tunis). The contract is worth a total of €54 million, of which €36 million will go to Alstom.

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