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Green Locomotive Being Tested in Chicago

04/17/2008 AT 12:24

This new locomotive was developed by Union Pacific and is part of the railroad's ongoing efforts to continue reducing air emissions in cooperation with federal, state and local environmental agencies.

The new 2,000-horsepower locomotives are called Generator-Set or "Genset" switchers and are powered by three 667-horsepower ultra-low-emission U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) off-road Tier 3-certified diesel engines. The projected reduction in emissions of nitrous oxides is 80 percent and particulate matter by 90 percent, while using up to 30 percent less fuel compared to current older switching locomotives. The fuel savings also translates into an up to 30 percent green house gas reduction.

"We continue to voluntarily research and develop new technologies to reduce locomotive emissions and this latest version of the Union Pacific-sponsored Genset locomotive is another end product of that hard work," said Bob Grimaila, Union Pacific's vice president-environment and safety. "Union Pacific is committed to preserving our environment by reducing emissions to help improve air quality and conserve fuel."

The four new versions of the Genset switcher locomotives will be used at Union Pacific's J. R. Davis Rail Yard in Roseville, Calif. The latest Genset switchers are equipped with six traction motors instead of four traction motors. The two additional traction motors gives the new version of the Genset switcher increased "pushing" power over the four traction motor Genest, something that will be useful while the new locomotives are working to push rail cars over hump at J. R. Davis Rail Yard.

Union Pacific began studies and tests of the prototype Genset switcher locomotive in 2002 and now has a total of 159 of the ultra-low emission locomotives working in California and Texas. Several other United States railroads have recently followed U.P.'s lead and are using similar Genset switching locomotives, while railroads in Canada, Mexico and South America are interested in the technology.

Track Improvements Planned in Western Illinois

Union Pacific Railroad is spending $6.6 million this year on track improvements between Nelson, Ill. and Peoria.

Travel Safely this Spring

For thousands of families and college students, the months of March and April signal holiday vacations and Spring Break trips. Union Pacific Railroad reminds motorists and pedestrians to use caution during this busy time.

UP to Increase Train Speed Through San Antonio

Union Pacific Railroad will increase train speed 10 mph by Feb. 19 for certain freight trains on a nearly quarter-mile segment of railroad tracks in San Antonio, Tex.

Union Pacific Increasing Speed Through Several

Union Pacific Railroad will increase the speed of its trains to 49 mph on the rail line between Herington and Peabody, Kan., which includes the communities of Lost Springs, Lincolnville and Marion, Kan.

Union Pacific to Increase Speed Through Orange

Union Pacific Railroad will increase speed for certain freight trains from 35 mph to 50 mph and 60 mph for passenger trains on a 1.3 mile segment across multiple grade crossings in Orange, Tex. including W. Park Ave., Burton, Ave., Link Ave. and Cordrey Ave.

Track Improvements Planned Through Jefferson City

Union Pacific Railroad will spend $1.5 million this year on track improvements between Bonnots Mill, Mo., and Jefferson City.

Significant Clean Air Progress

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and Union Pacific announced a 57 percent over-achievement of the contract goal for emission reduction in Texas with the help of new environmentally friendly ultra-low emission switch locomotives.

Free Service Guarantee offered by Union Pacific

Union Pacific (UP) and Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) today announced new westbound intermodal train service that will shorten by a day the trip for standard intermodal freight from the Southeast to Los Angeles, California.

New Regional Structure Announced

Union Pacific today announced a new regional public affairs organization that will place more resources in the states and communities in which North America's largest railroad operates.

Creating a Green Locomotive

From its very beginnings, the key to a locomotive's power has been its ability to convert fuel into motion. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, locomotives harnessed steam to move trains. Almost anything that would burn was used to fuel a fire under a water-filled boiler that created the steam

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